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Make test failures more informative.

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1 parent 1793a14 commit 486d5038ca83cfaacbe462fdedcc56ab8681858d @Ramarren committed Mar 2, 2012
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@@ -6,12 +6,15 @@
;;; at least some of them, this is boring, write automatic genetor
(defmacro defparsertest (test-name parser (&rest should-pairs) (&rest fails))
- `(deftest ,test-name ()
- ,@(iter (for (string should) on should-pairs by #'cddr)
- (collect `(is (equal ,should
- (tree-of (current-result (parse-string ,parser ,string)))))))
- ,@(iter (for string in fails)
- (collect `(is (null (current-result (parse-string ,parser ,string))))))))
+ (with-gensyms (result)
+ `(deftest ,test-name ()
+ ,@(iter (for (string should) on should-pairs by #'cddr)
+ (collect `(let ((,result (current-result (parse-string ,parser ,string))))
+ (when (is ,result "Failed to parse ~s" ,string)
+ (is (equal ,should
+ (tree-of ,result)))))))
+ ,@(iter (for string in fails)
+ (collect `(is (null (current-result (parse-string ,parser ,string)))))))))
(defparsertest test-char? (char? #\a)
("a" #\a)

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