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(in-package :opengl-text)
(defun character-cells (em array)
(destructuring-bind (h w) (array-dimensions array)
(* (/ h em) (/ w em))))
(defun cell-range (cell em array)
"Return affi range for cell in array with emsquare em."
(destructuring-bind (aw ah) (array-dimensions array)
(let ((x (mod cell (/ aw em))))
(let ((y (floor (/ cell (/ aw em)))))
(assert (< x (/ aw em)))
(assert (< y (/ ah em)))
(list (list (* em x) (1- (* em (1+ x))))
(list (* em y) (1- (* em (1+ y)))))))))
(defun copy-character (source-array source-cell target-array target-cell em)
(destructuring-bind ((sxmin sxmax) (symin symax)) (cell-range source-cell em source-array)
(destructuring-bind ((txmin txmax) (tymin tymax)) (cell-range target-cell em target-array)
(iter (for sx from sxmin to sxmax)
(for tx from txmin to txmax)
(iter (for sy from symin to symax)
(for ty from tymin to tymax)
(setf (aref target-array tx ty)
(aref source-array sx sy)))))))
(defun make-new-texture-array (em len)
(let ((h (maybe-ceiling-power-of-two (* em (ceiling (sqrt len))))))
(make-ffa (list h
(maybe-ceiling-power-of-two (* em (ceiling (/ len (/ h em))))))
(defgeneric size-texture (gl-text len &key preserve)
"Create or resize texture-of GL-TEXT large enough to hold LEN
chars, possibly preserving its prior values. Don't do anything
if PRESERVE is true and the existing texture is large enough.")
(:method ((gl-text opengl-text) (len integer) &key (preserve t))
(let ((em (emsquare-of gl-text))
(old-tex (texture-of gl-text)))
(unless (and preserve old-tex
(<= len (character-cells em old-tex)))
(let ((new-texture (make-new-texture-array em len)))
(setf (texture-of gl-text) new-texture)
(when (and preserve old-tex)
(iter (for (nil glyph) in-hashtable (character-hash-of gl-text))
(copy-character old-tex (cell-of glyph) new-texture (cell-of glyph) em))
(chars-recoordinate (character-hash-of gl-text) new-texture em)))))))
(defgeneric flush-texture (gl-text &key new-texture-array)
(:method ((gl-text opengl-text) &key (new-texture-array nil))
;; not the most efficient method
(let ((chars (hash-table-keys (character-hash-of gl-text))))
(when chars
(setf (character-hash-of gl-text) (make-hash-table))
(if new-texture-array
(size-texture gl-text (length chars) :preserve nil)
(let ((vec (find-original-array (texture-of gl-text))))
(iter (for i index-of-vector vec)
(setf (aref vec i) 0))))
(ensure-characters chars gl-text)))))
(defun send-texture (new-texture gl-text)
(when *opengl-active*
(with-pointer-to-array (new-texture tex-pointer
(reduce #'* (array-dimensions new-texture))
(if (texture-number-of gl-text)
(cl-opengl:bind-texture :texture-2d (texture-number-of gl-text))
(let ((new-number (car (cl-opengl:gen-textures 1))))
(setf (texture-number-of gl-text) new-number)
(cl-opengl:bind-texture :texture-2d new-number)
(trivial-garbage:finalize gl-text #'(lambda ()
(gl:delete-textures (list new-number))))))
(cl-opengl:tex-image-2d :texture-2d 0 :intensity (array-dimension new-texture 1)
(array-dimension new-texture 0) 0 :luminance :unsigned-byte tex-pointer))))
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