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(in-package :png-read)
(defclass png-state ()
((file :accessor png-file :initform nil)
(finished :accessor finished :initform nil)
(width :accessor width)
(height :accessor height)
(bit-depth :accessor bit-depth)
(colour-type :accessor colour-type)
(compression :accessor compression)
(filter-method :accessor filter-method)
(interlace-method :accessor interlace-method)
(pallete :accessor pallete)
(datastream :accessor datastream :initform nil)
(image-data :accessor image-data)
(index-data :accessor index-data :initform nil)
(postprocess-ancillaries :accessor postprocess-ancillaries :initform nil)
(transparency :accessor transparency :initform nil)
(gamma :accessor gamma :initform nil)
(significant-bits :accessor significant-bits :initform nil)
(rendering-intent :accessor rendering-intent :initform nil)
(textual-data :accessor textual-data :initform nil)
(preferred-background :accessor preferred-background :initform nil)
(image-histogram :accessor image-histogram :initform nil)
(physical-dimensions :accessor physical-dimensions :initform nil)
(last-modification :accessor last-modification :initform nil)))
(defvar *png-state* nil)
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