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Added the awesome patch to Ramaze::Cache::Sequel added by Lars Olsson…
…. While I cleaned up

most of the code so that it meets the standards of Ramaze it could be that I missed 
something so it would be cool if @manveru could take a better look at it.

An example of using the new Sequel cache works like the following:

Ramaze.options.cache.session = Ramaze::Cache::Sequel.using(
  :connection => Sequel.mysql(
    :host     => 'localhost', 
    :user     => 'user',
    :password => 'password', 
    :database => 'blog'
  :table => :blog_sessions

For more information on this patch read the following thread on the mailing list:
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YorickPeterse committed Apr 18, 2011
1 parent bc9dcbf commit c5587c0d3feda8ca2c89399418ac1132d0236fcb
Showing 1 changed file with 279 additions and 117 deletions.

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