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Ramaze is a very simple and straight-forward web-framework. The philosophy of it could be expressed in a mix of KISS and POLS, trying to make simple things simple and complex things possible.

This Github Wiki is a community based Wiki containing resources such as how-to's, tutorials, code snippets, etc. Everybody is welcome to contribute to the Wiki.


$ gem install ramaze

Hello World

require 'ramaze'

class MainController < Ramaze::Controller
  def index
    "Hello, World!"


This wiki is splited in several sections

Getting started

If you're new to Ramaze or Ruby web frameworks in genral, this section is for you. You'll learn what a MVC framework is, Ramaze concepts, and how Ramaze compares with the others frameworks out there.

You'll also find tips on how to layout your application files and even how to package your app in a gem.

Then, when you've grasped the core concepts, you'll find more details and tips on controllers, models, views (layouts too), helpers and routing, how you can use authentication and session data, how you can leverage caching to speed up your application.

This wiki also provides useful insights on using ORMs, with specific informations on using it's close friend Sequel.

A good application is a tested application, and the testing section gives hints on how you can test your code.

Finally, when you're happy with your code, you have to put it in production (sometimes in the so-called Cloud) and may be tune some rack parameters along the way.


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