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App-V Reporting Module

This is a PowerShell module to simplify extracting data from the App-V reporting database.

At the moment, you can pull details on App-V clients, packages, and usage. Usage data includes data with inner joins.

Get client version counts:

  • Get client version counts

Get details on App-V usage:

  • Get App-V usage

Find packages by location:

  • Get App-V package


  • Environment configured to send data to an App-V reporting server
  • The account running this query must have access to read the App-V Reporting Database (PackageInformation, ClientInformation, ApplicationUsage tables). Otherwise, SQL login credentials must be provided.
  • Module folder downloaded, unblocked, extracted, available to import


#One time setup:
    #Download the repository
    #Unblock the zip file
    #Extract AppVReporting folder to a module path (e.g. $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\)
#Each PowerShell session
    Import-Module AppVReporting  #Alternatively, Import-Module "\\Path\To\AppVReporting"
#List commands in the module
    Get-Command -Module AppVReporting
#Get help for a command
    Get-Help Get-AppVUse -Full
#Optional one time step: Set default reporting server SQL instance and database name
    Set-AppVReportingConfig -ServerInstance SomeSQLInstance -DatabaseName AppVReporting

#View app-v packages stored on \\server\share\stream\*
    Get-AppVPackage -source \\server\share\stream\*
#View app-v clients at version 5.0.3361.0
    Get-AppVClient -Version 5.0.3361.0

#View all App-V usage in a grid
    Get-AppVUse | Out-Gridview