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PSSQLite PowerShell Module

This is a PowerShell module for working with SQLite. It uses similar syntax to the Invoke-Sqlcmd2 function from Chad Miller et al.

This covers limited functionality; contributions to this function or additional functions would be welcome!


  • Minimal testing.
  • Today was my first time working with SQLite


Create a SQLite database and table:

  • Create a SQLite database and table

Query a SQLite database, using parameters:

  • Query a SQLite database

Create a SQLite connection, use it for subsequent queries:

  • Create a SQLite connection, use it

Insert large quantities of data quickly with transactions (why?):

  • Insert large quantities of data quickly


# One time setup
    # Download the repository
    # Unblock the zip
    # Extract the PSSQLite folder to a module path (e.g. $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\)

    #Simple alternative, if you have PowerShell 5, or the PowerShellGet module:
        Install-Module PSSQLite

# Import the module.
    Import-Module PSSQLite    #Alternatively, Import-Module \\Path\To\PSSQLite

# Get commands in the module
    Get-Command -Module PSSQLite

# Get help for a command
    Get-Help Invoke-SQLiteQuery -Full

# Create a database and a table
    $Query = "CREATE TABLE NAMES (fullname VARCHAR(20) PRIMARY KEY, surname TEXT, givenname TEXT, BirthDate DATETIME)"
    $DataSource = "C:\Names.SQLite"

    Invoke-SqliteQuery -Query $Query -DataSource $DataSource

# View table info
    Invoke-SqliteQuery -DataSource $DataSource -Query "PRAGMA table_info(NAMES)"

# Insert some data, use parameters for the fullname and birthdate
    $query = "INSERT INTO NAMES (fullname, surname, givenname, birthdate) VALUES (@full, 'Cookie', 'Monster', @BD)"

    Invoke-SqliteQuery -DataSource $DataSource -Query $query -SqlParameters @{
        full = "Cookie Monster"
        BD   = (get-date).addyears(-3)

# View the data
    Invoke-SqliteQuery -DataSource $DataSource -Query "SELECT * FROM NAMES"

#Build up some fake data to bulk insert, convert it to a datatable
    $DataTable = 1..10000 | %{
            fullname = "Name $_"
            surname = "Name"
            givenname = "$_"
            BirthDate = (Get-Date).Adddays(-$_)
    } | Out-DataTable

#Insert the data within a single transaction (SQLite is faster this way)
    Invoke-SQLiteBulkCopy -DataTable $DataTable -DataSource $DataSource -Table Names -NotifyAfter 1000 -verbose

#View all the data!
    Invoke-SqliteQuery -DataSource $DataSource -Query "SELECT * FROM NAMES"


This isn't a fully featured module or function.

I'm planning to write about using SQL from a systems administrator or engineer standpoint. I personally stick to MSSQL and Invoke-Sqlcmd2, but want to provide an abstracted means to perform this without the prerequisite of an accessible MSSQL instance.

Check out Jim Christopher's SQLite PowerShell Provider. It offers more functionality and flexibility than this repository.

Credit to Chad Miller, Justin Dearing, Paul Bryson, Joel Bennett, and Dave Wyatt for the code carried over from Invoke-Sqlcmd2.