Use a yubikey to authenticate with google's two factor authentication
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Google Authenticator is great, but I don't really want to be tied to my mobile phone for logging into Google Services. Yubikey is the ideal form factor for a two-factor authentication device, so why not integrate the two?

Well now, you can!

This code is primarily a proof of concept at the current time and although functional, requires some manual interaction to get started.

Available under the ISC License.



  1. Set up Google Authenticator on your Google settings like you would for a mobile phone.
  2. Below the QR code, press the expand button so you can see your base32-encoded secret key.
  3. Run --convert-secret this will prompt you for your base32-encoded secret and output a result in hex.
  4. Program that secret into your Yubikey as a HMAC-SHA1 challenge-response key. I had to use the GUI tool available from Yubico
  5. Whenever you are prompted for a one-time password from google, just run --yubi and the output will be a one-time password usable for up to one minute 30 seconds.