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Image Enhancer

This application is an image enhancement application based on OpenCV and PyQt4. You can use this as a small image enhancement software for day-to-day work. But I created this to do pre-processing for images before feeding into a Neural Network. You can open a sample image and do enhancements and note down the parameters. Then you can use them in your own application.

Add Custom Filters

If you want a custom filter to be added other than the filters that are implemented here, you can do it too. You just need to create a new filter class by inheriting filters/ class and add it to the filters folder.
Then after you start application the filter will automatically be there. You can find more details in the documentation of filters/ file.

Working with the application

  • Click open image button and open a image file you want
  • Right click on the list and add a filter(s) you want
  • Click on a filter and then change the values of the sliders below to change the effect of the selected filter
  • You can change the maximum and minimum values of the slider using the text boxes.
  • You can mouse hover in the image to see the original image
  • You can remove a filter by right clicking on a filter in the list
  • Finally you can save your output image

Tested with PyQt4 with Python 3.5 and Python 2.7 (Master brach is with Python 3.5 support and for Python 2 there is another branch)


  • Python
  • PyQt4
  • OpenCV 3.x
  • Numpy

Run the program

You can run the program by


Output of the application is shown below

Main Window


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