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Level Set algorithm for python
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Level Set Image Segmentation using Python


This python code implements a new level set formulation, called distance regularized level set evolution (DRLSE), proposed by Chunming Li et al's in the paper "Distance Regularized Level Set Evolution and its Application to Image Segmentation", IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 19 (12), 2010

The main advantages of DRLSE over conventional level set formulations include the following:

  1. it completely eliminates the need for reinitialization
  2. it allows the use of large time steps to significantly speed up curve evolution, while ensuring numerical accuracy
  3. Very easy to implement and computationally more efficient than conventional level set formulations.

This package only implements an edge-based active contour model as one application of DRLSE. More applications of DRLSE can be found in other published papers in the following website:


You can run the project using:
python -m lv_set.Main

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