PixelizerBox is a sandbox game where you can create whatever you want with the 2D physics engine (Box2D).
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##About: PixelizerBox is a sandbox game where you can create whatever you want with the 2D physics engine (Box2D). The game has been designed with a modding system so you can create and download mods. It has been programmed with Lua so you can hack the code without any problems + 60% from code has been documented. It's licensed under Apache License V2.0 so you can take some parts from the code. Also, You can share mods that hacks the engine and replaces some functions. It's almost like garry's mod but in 2D. We have also included the Physics Editor loader, So you can create some objects without coding ! Vote for us at IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/pixelizerbox

##Controls: WASD: Player controls. F1: Take screenshot and save it at game appdata folder. F3: Debug view. Ctrl+C: Respawn player. Ctrl+Z: Set zoom to the default. Ctrl+G: Toggle the grid snapping (Buggy) Click on a box with a plus icon to chose a object, Then select it. Left mouse button while a object is selected: Start object creation. Right mouse button: While selecting object: Deselect it. Other: Delete hovered objects. Shift + Select Object: To chose a new object. Escape: Quit the game.

##Modding: To mod the game, You'll have to learn Lua and how Lua object-ororientated (Classes) Works + How Love2D games work.

##Help: Ask me anything at love2d irc (#love@irc.oftc.net) for any help if i'm online.

Donate some money please at itch.io page http://ramilego4game.itch.io/pixelizerbox-dev-pre , maybe I can have minecraft ? Something like my birthday gifts ? Do It please (Once I buy minecraft I will make a collection of objects :D )