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.NET Library for WordsAPI
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WordSharp - .NET Library for WordsAPI

WordSharp is a .NET library which allows you to easily use WordsAPI from your .NET applications. It currently allows you to get definitions, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, rhyming words, examples, frequency and syllables. You can also get all available information or get random words using the library.

License: MIT License


This will eventually be turned into a Nuget package. Till that, you should be able to clone the repo and add this to your project.


var client = new WordClient("YOUR_RAPID_API_KEY_FOR_WORDS_API");

//Make async request
var response = await client.Definitions("syllogism");

//Make a normal request
var response = client.Definitions("syllogism").Result;

//Find whether the request was  a success or failure
bool isSuccess = response.IsSuccessStatusCode;

//Get request status code
HttpStatusCode statusCode = response.StatusCode;

//Get content (This will have all the details for the word)
var content = response.Content;

//Get HttpResponseHeaders (This will have details regarding RateLimitRequestLimit and RateLimitRequestsRemaining among other things)
var responseHeaders = response.ResponseHeaders;
var requestLimit = responseHeaders.RateLimitRequestLimit;
var requestsRemaining = responseHeaders.RateLimitRequestRemaining;
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