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Ramon Gilabert

An app with an story behind, an app with my life on it. This is my proposal for the WWDC 2015 Scholarship program. Build entirely in Swift and handcrafted by me. Feel free to contact me: (contact@ramongilabert.com) if you have any questions!


  • Innovative UI / UX experience for the user.
  • Awesome first time in app with a video to welcome you.
  • Multiple gestures in app.
    • Pinch to show menu.
    • Scroll between views.
    • UIDynamics to move between some cards.
  • Efficiency loading of view controllers.
  • Done in code and using maths.
  • Done entirely in Swift.
  • Done with a lot of love.

The app

Ramon Gilabert

Story of the app

After a long week of exams, I was studying for the last one when I saw that the I could apply for the scholarship program for the WWDC, I started to draw some sketches, think about some innovative UI, trending movements in app design, and after a weekend spent in Sketch, I did all the layout of the app and started to do some Swift.

After 5 days working all day in the app and going to classes, I sent the app to Apple! I'm so excited.

Done by

This app is under the MIT License and is brought to you by Ramon Gilabert with love! :)


Find me on Twitter at: @RamonGilabert