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At this moment I really don't have any spare time to maintain this package. 
If there is anyone that wants to help me out with this, please message me trough a issue of mail.

Drag & drop hierarchical list with mouse and touch compatibility (jQuery / Zepto plugin)

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Nestable is an experimental example and IS under active development. If it suits your requirements feel free to expand upon it!


You can install this package either with npm or with bower.


npm install --save nestable2

Then add a <script> to your index.html:

<script src="/node_modules/nestable2/jquery.nestable.js"></script>

Or require('nestable2') from your code.


bower install --save nestable2


You can also find us on CDNJS:



Write your nested HTML lists like so:

<div class="dd">
    <ol class="dd-list">
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="1">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 1</div>
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="2">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 2</div>
        <li class="dd-item" data-id="3">
            <div class="dd-handle">Item 3</div>
            <ol class="dd-list">
                <li class="dd-item" data-id="4">
                    <div class="dd-handle">Item 4</div>
                <li class="dd-item" data-id="5" data-foo="bar">
                    <div class="dd-nodrag">Item 5</div>

Then activate with jQuery like so:

$('.dd').nestable({ /* config options */ });


change: For using an .on handler in jquery

The callback provided as an option is fired when elements are reordered or nested.

    callback: function(l,e){
        // l is the main container
        // e is the element that was moved

onDragStart callback provided as an option is fired when user starts to drag an element. Returning false from this callback will disable the dragging.

    onDragStart: function(l,e){
        // l is the main container
        // e is the element that was moved

This callback can be used to manipulate element which is being dragged as well as whole list. For example you can conditionally add .dd-nochildren to forbid dropping current element to some other elements for instance based on data-type of current element and other elements:

    onDragStart: function (l, e) {
        // get type of dragged element
        var type = $(e).data('type');
        // based on type of dragged element add or remove no children class
        switch (type) {
            case 'type1':
                // element of type1 can be child of type2 and type3
            case 'type2':
                // element of type2 cannot be child of type2 or type3
            case 'type3':
                // element of type3 cannot be child of type2 but can be child of type3
                console.error("Invalid type");

beforeDragStop callback provided as an option is fired when user drop an element and before 'callback' method fired. Returning false from this callback will disable the dropping and restore element at start position.

    beforeDragStop: function(l,e, p){
        // l is the main container
        // e is the element that was moved
        // p is the place where element was moved.


serialize: You can get a serialised object with all data-* attributes for each item.


The serialised JSON for the example above would be:




Builds an array where each element looks like:

    'depth': depth,
    'id': id,
    'left': left,
    'parent_id': parentId || null,
    'right': right

You can get a hierarchical nested set model like below.


The output will be like below:


add: You can add any item by passing an object. New item will be appended to the root tree.

$('.dd').nestable('add', {"id":1,"children":[{"id":4}]});

Optionally you can set 'parent_id' property on your object and control in which place in tree your item will be added.

$('.dd').nestable('add', {"id":1,"parent_id":2,"children":[{"id":4}]});

replace: You can replace existing item in tree by passing an object with 'id' property.

$('.dd').nestable('replace', {"id":1,"foo":"bar"});

You need to remember that if you're replacing item with children's you need to pass this children's in object as well.

$('.dd').nestable('replace', {"id":1,"children":[{"id":4}]});

remove: You can remove existing item by passing 'id' of this element. To animate item removing check effect config option. This will delete the item with all his children.

$('.dd').nestable('remove', 1);

This will invoke callback function after deleting the item with data-id '1'.

$('.dd').nestable('remove', 1, function(){
    console.log('Item deleted');

removeAll: Removes all items from the list. To animate items removing check effect config option. You can also use callback function to do something after removing all items.

$('.dd').nestable('removeAll', function(){
    console.log('All items deleted');

destroy: You can deactivate the plugin by running


Autoscroll while dragging

Autoscrolls the container element while dragging if you drag the element over the offsets defined in scrollTriggers config option.

$('.dd').nestable({ scroll: true });

To use this feature you need to have jQuery >= 1.9 and scrollParent() method. You can be find this method in jQuery UI or if you don't want to have jQuery UI as a dependency you can use this repository.

You can also control the scroll sensitivity and speed, check scrollSensitivity and scrollSpeed options.

On the fly nestable generation

You can passed serialized JSON as an option if you like to dynamically generate a Nestable list:

<div class="dd" id="nestable-json"></div>

var json = '[{"id":1},{"id":2},{"id":3,"children":[{"id":4},{"id":5,"foo":"bar"}]}]';
var options = {'json': json}

NOTE: serialized JSON has been expanded so that an optional "content" property can be passed which allows for arbitrary custom content (including HTML) to be placed in the Nestable item

Or do it yourself the old-fashioned way:

<div class="dd" id="nestable3">
    <ol class='dd-list dd3-list'>
        <div id="dd-empty-placeholder"></div>

    var obj = '[{"id":1},{"id":2},{"id":3,"children":[{"id":4},{"id":5}]}]';
    var output = '';
    function buildItem(item) {

        var html = "<li class='dd-item' data-id='" + + "'>";
        html += "<div class='dd-handle'>" + + "</div>";

        if (item.children) {

            html += "<ol class='dd-list'>";
            $.each(item.children, function (index, sub) {
                html += buildItem(sub);
            html += "</ol>";


        html += "</li>";

        return html;

    $.each(JSON.parse(obj), function (index, item) {

        output += buildItem(item);




You can change the follow options:

  • maxDepth number of levels an item can be nested (default 5)
  • group group ID to allow dragging between lists (default 0)
  • callback callback function when an element has been changed (default null)
  • scroll enable or disable the scrolling behaviour (default: false)
  • scrollSensitivity mouse movement needed to trigger the scroll (default: 1)
  • scrollSpeed speed of the scroll (default: 5)
  • scrollTriggers distance from the border where scrolling become active (default: { top: 40, left: 40, right: -40, bottom: -40 })
  • effect removing items animation effect (default: { animation: 'none', time: 'slow'}). To fadeout elements set 'animation' value to 'fade', during initialization the plugin.

These advanced config options are also available:

  • contentCallback The callback for customizing content (default function(item) {return item.content || '' ? item.content :;})
  • listNodeName The HTML element to create for lists (default 'ol')
  • itemNodeName The HTML element to create for list items (default 'li')
  • rootClass The class of the root element .nestable() was used on (default 'dd')
  • listClass The class of all list elements (default 'dd-list')
  • itemClass The class of all list item elements (default 'dd-item')
  • dragClass The class applied to the list element that is being dragged (default 'dd-dragel')
  • noDragClass The class applied to an element to prevent dragging (default 'dd-nodrag')
  • handleClass The class of the content element inside each list item (default 'dd-handle')
  • collapsedClass The class applied to lists that have been collapsed (default 'dd-collapsed')
  • noChildrenClass The class applied to items that cannot have children (default 'dd-nochildren')
  • placeClass The class of the placeholder element (default 'dd-placeholder')
  • emptyClass The class used for empty list placeholder elements (default 'dd-empty')
  • expandBtnHTML The HTML text used to generate a list item expand button (default '<button data-action="expand">Expand></button>')
  • collapseBtnHTML The HTML text used to generate a list item collapse button (default '<button data-action="collapse">Collapse</button>')
  • includeContent Enable or disable the content in output (default false)
  • listRenderer The callback for customizing final list output (default function(children, options) { ... } - see defaults in code)
  • itemRenderer The callback for customizing final item output (default function(item_attrs, content, children, options) { ... } - see defaults in code)
  • json JSON string used to dynamically generate a Nestable list. This is the same format as the serialize() output

Inspect the Nestable2 Demo for guidance.

Change Log

21th October 2017

  • [klgd] Fixed conflict when project using also jQuery 2.*
  • [RomanBurunkov] Moved effect and time parameter in remove method to config option. This changes break backward compatibility with version 1.5
  • [RomanBurunkov] Added callback in methods remove and removeAll as a parameter
  • [RomanKhomyshynets] Fixed add function with non-leaf parent_id, fixed #84

9th August 2017

  • [pjona] Added support for string (GUID) as a data id

21th July 2017

  • [spathon] Append the .dd-empty div if the list don't have any items on init, fixed #52
  • [pjona] Fixed problem on Chrome with touch screen and mouse, fixed #28 and#73

15th July 2017

  • [RomanBurunkov] Added fadeOut support to remove method
  • [pjona] Fixed replace method (added collapse/expand buttons when item has children), see #69
  • [uniring] Added autoscroll while dragging, see #71

2nd July 2017

  • [pjona] Added CDN support
  • [pjona] Removed unneeded directories in dist/

25th June 2017

  • [pjona] Fixed add method when using parent_id, see #66

22th June 2017

  • [pjona] Added Travis CI builds after each commit and pull request
  • [pjona] Added test task in gulp with eslint validation
  • [pjona] Added minified version of JS and CSS
  • [pjona] Changed project name to nestable2
  • [pjona] Fixed remove method when removing last item from the list

16th June 2017

  • [imliam] Added support to return false from the onDragStart event to disable the drag event

28th May 2017

  • [pjona] Function add support parent_id property
  • [pjona] Added replace function
  • [pjona] Added remove function

22th May 2017

  • [pjona] Added npm installation
  • [pjona] Added add function

10th April 2017

  • [timalennon] Added functions: toHierarchy and toArray

17th November 2015

  • [oimken] Added destroy function

2nd November 2015

  • [ivanbarlog] Added onDragStart event fired when user starts to drag an element

21th April 2015

  • [ozdemirburak] Added asNestedSet function
  • [ozdemirburak] Added bower installation

6th October 2014

  • [zemistr] Created listRenderer and itemRenderer. Refactored build from JSON.
  • [zemistr] Added support for adding classes via input data. ([{"id": 1, "content": "First item", "classes": ["dd-nochildren", "dd-nodrag", ...] }, ... ])

3rd October 2014

  • [zemistr] Added support for additional data parameters.
  • [zemistr] Added callback for customizing content.
  • [zemistr] Added parameter "includeContent" for including / excluding content from the output data.
  • [zemistr] Added fix for input data. (JSON string / Javascript object)

7th April 2014

  • New pickup of repo for developement.

14th March 2013

13th March 2013

  • [tchapi] Replace previous change behaviour with a callback

12th February 2013

  • Merge fix from [jails] : Fix change event triggered twice.

3rd December 2012

  • [dbushell] add no-drag class for handle contents
  • [dbushell] use el.closest instead of el.parents
  • [dbushell] fix scroll offset on document.elementFromPoint()

15th October 2012

  • Merge for Zepto.js support
  • Merge fix for remove/detach items

27th June 2012

  • Added maxDepth option (default to 5)
  • Added empty placeholder
  • Updated CSS class structure with options for listClass and itemClass.
  • Fixed to allow drag and drop between multiple Nestable instances (off by default).
  • Added group option to enabled the above.

Original Author: David Bushell @dbushell

New Author : Ramon Smit @ramonsmit94

Contributors :

Copyright © 2012 David Bushell / © Ramon Smit 2014/2017 | BSD & MIT license