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High performance Java client for APNS(Apple Push Notification Service)
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I'm developing an application and need to send notifications to the iOS devices. In the past year, I had used Java-APNS which I think is much better than other libs, such as JavaPNS and so on. But there are still some problem. For example, sometime an exception was thrown: java.lang.StackOverflowError. And the device couldn't receive notifications after a period time. Then I used JSTACK and JMAP to find what happened, that's DEADLOCK, I found, which caused Java-APNS didn't work any more. I had to restart the service to recover it. That's terrible. So I decide to develop a new Java client for APNS. Then dbay-apns4j comes. It's best, I think.


  • High performance and easy to use
  • Gets started quickly with demos
  • Supports connection pooling
  • 中英双语注释,英语小白阅读起来也没问题
  • Supports resend notifications after error
  • Creates new socket automatically when idle
  • Supports the Feedback Service
  • Supports the sandbox and production services
  • Detailed and useful log


You can find demo in the package. In this file:

Sample code

  1. Create an ApnsService

    private static IApnsService apnsService;
    if (apnsService == null) {
        ApnsConfig config = new ApnsConfig();
    InputStream is = Apns4jDemo.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("Certificate.p12");
    apnsService = ApnsServiceImpl.createInstance(config);
  2. Send notification

    String token = "94c4764e4545f41a7b2052692c8a9b41f9c5c925876e11fec5721d9074ee5e5a";
    Payload payload = new Payload();
    payload.setAlert("Hello, how are you?");
    //payload.setAlertBody("alert body");
    //payload.setAlertLocKey("use emotion ok");
    //payload.setAlertLocArgs(new String[]{"3"});
    //payload.addParam("uid", 123456);
    //payload.addParam("type", 12);
    service.sendNotification(token, payload);


If you are using dbay-apns4j, let me know and keep in touch, thx. You can send an email to me:


2014-09-22:ios8更新后,如果没有设置声音(Payload.setSound()),那么手机收到推送很可能不响。 此时需要更新dbay-apns4j包,或者自己设置下声音。eg: Payload.setSound("xx")。注意不能设为空串,否则不响,设为任意串均可。

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