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An all-new role-playing game for SNES, currently in development!
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Furry RPG! (Working Title)

Welcome to Furry RPG!, an all-new Japanese-style role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES. The game is currently in development.

Title screen

Implemented features:

  • Epic storyline spanning over multiple realms, featuring an all-Furry cast.
  • 48 Mbit ROM size (ExHiROM) with SRAM-based game save support (think Tales of Phantasia). ROM expansion to 64 or even 96 Mbit may or may not be necessary in the future depending on the need for fitting all game data.
  • Extendable scripting language supporting up to 32,768 commands ("event codes").
  • High resolution, VWF-based multi-language dialog rendering engine, complete with character portrait, background color gradient, and Suikoden-style selection bar support.
  • Fully controllable, Mode-7-based "flying" animation with rotating sky background.
  • Fully controllable, Mode-1-based world map with scrolling displacement and horizon curvature effects, simulating a planet surface (think Treasure Hunter G).
  • Extendable area loading engine (four/eight-directional scrolling is WIP) with fully working sprite-to-BG collision detection support.
  • Full-fledged and easily extendable sprite animation engine.
  • High-quality, SNESGSS-based soundtrack engine with audio streaming support.
  • Optional ambient sound effects featuring real recordings thanks to MSU-1 support (only available on advanced emulators/flashcarts like higan/bsnes and SD2SNES).
  • Optional real-time clock support (only available on certain emulators and advanced flashcarts like higan/bsnes and SD2SNES).
  • ... and more!

Planned features:

  • More or less open world (story-related restrictions apply).
  • Several endings, each requiring the player to make specific choices during the course of the game.
  • Homebase building (think Breath of Fire II, Suikoden).
  • Optional, mostly unmissable sidequests (think Chrono Trigger).
  • Day/night cycle (even when no RTC available).
  • Daytime-related special events.
  • Semi-realtime battle system with different "special gauges" for each character.
  • Full-screen cutscenes, maybe even FMV (only when MSU-1 is available).
  • Character sympathy/affection score system impacting game events and/or endings.
  • Log/notebook providing hints (once acquired) on what to do next.
  • Unlockable character and cut scene galleries/sound test/mini games/special features/you name it.


Sound engines

Debug Menu

Dialog 1

Dialog 2

Dialog 3

Dialog 4

World Map


Note that all graphics is placeholder artwork. Screenshots were made using higan v106.

Download ROM image:

Latest build

Help wanted!

If you happen to be a Furry designer/illustrator, pixel artist, SNES programmer, and/or music composer, you are welcome to contribute to this open-source freeware project. If you feel your skills could be of help, please contact me by e-mail (ramsis @ the domain name of my website).


Discuss the project:

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