SNES PowerPak Firmware v3 "MUFASA"
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SNES PowerPak Firmware v3 "MUFASA"

This is an unofficial firmware for RetroUSB's SNES PowerPak flash cart.

It offers several advantages over the stock v1.0X firmware:

  • Up to 56 characters per filename are displayed on the screen thanks to the SNES's horizontal hi-res mode.
  • A settings menu lets you change the PowerPak's configuration at any time.
  • The SPC player actually works. Also, you can return to the file browser instantly to play another song.
  • A more stable user interface with more intuitive joypad button mapping.
  • Full theme support, i.e. with a bit of skill, you can customize the UI to your own liking. Or, just use any of the themes supplied with this release.
  • Better performance thanks to a unified software design that takes advantage of the SNES's 16-bit capabilities.
  • In-system update flashing.
  • ... and more (e.g. much faster scrolling, page-by-page navigation, transparency and color gradient effects, context-sensitive on-screen help, more verbose system information ...)

For installation instructions and more information, please check How To Use.txt.

To learn about my other projects, feel free to visit my homepage.

Have fun, and long live the SNES PowerPak! :-)