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  • New property: addclass, which adds custom CSS classes onto the RHSL element itself (div#rhslcolorpickercontainer), allowing it to be fully customized by the user's own CSS.
  • Bugfix: RHSL wouldn't update its position when the window was resized. Now it's fixed. Additionally, you can also call the function rhslWindowResize() to force it to update, should you need it to.

Other internal changes include changing the name "luminance" to "lightness", since the two are actually separate concepts and the latter is the correct one to use in RHSL's case.

@RanAwaySuccessfully RanAwaySuccessfully released this Mar 7, 2018 · 3 commits to dev since this release

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  • New property: inputs.
  • New features: RHSL will now run JS inside the onchange and oninput attributes.
  • Function change: rhslColorPicker() now accepts hue, sat and lum independently of each other.

inputs displays three inputs fields below the color picker for directly adjusting the hue, saturation and luminance, along with a close button. onchange and oninput are also compatible with RHSL now! The former will run when an user clicks or releases the mouse button, and the latter whenever the color changes at all.

Edit: Added minified version of v1.2.

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  • New property: padding.
  • New values to update-self and update-linked: border-color and outline-color.
  • New feature: When typing a color into the input field, RHSL will update the color picker as you type without the need to close it and re-open it again.

This feature was present in pre-1.0 RHSL but it crashed IE, which is why I removed it. For some reason, updating an input's innerHTML will make Internet Explorer trigger that element's oninput EventListener, effectively getting it caught on an infinite loop (and crashing the browser). Now it's fixed.

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mobile fixes