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Wordgame has been developed using Unity3D game engine. It is a simple word solving game for kids. It is designed to be simple for kids to play and hopefully learn words and spelling. I made this game to show my kids what I do and to build on the knowlege

I have gained overed the years.

Game Features:
-Simple UI based gameplay
-High score list
-Ability to quickly add new word challenges to the game.
-Multiplatform - Has a PC and webplayer build. possibly going to add iOS and Android builds

You can play the game at http://www.ericranaldi.com/test/index.html . The game is built using the WebGL technology of Unity3D and is in a alpha.beta phase. It will not work in IE and I have seen some issues in Firefox. It uses a lot of ram but once loaded is pretty stable. This is just for a preivew of the game so you dont have to install Unity on your machine to run it and you don't have to download a executable.
If you do want to download a executable the rar is avaliable at http://www.ericranaldi.com/files/wordgame.rar