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// MainThreadOperation.swift
// RSCore
// Created by Brent Simmons on 1/10/20.
// Copyright © 2020 Ranchero Software, LLC. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// Code to be run by MainThreadOperationQueue.
/// When finished, it must call operationDelegate.operationDidComplete(self).
/// If it’s canceled, it should not call the delegate.
/// When it’s canceled, it should do its best to stop
/// doing whatever it’s doing. However, it should not
/// leave data in an inconsistent state.
public protocol MainThreadOperation: class {
// These three properties are set by MainThreadOperationQueue. Don’t set them.
var isCanceled: Bool { get set } // Check this at appropriate times in case the operation has been canceled.
var id: Int? { get set }
var operationDelegate: MainThreadOperationDelegate? { get set } // Make this weak.
/// Name may be useful for debugging. Unused otherwise.
var name: String? { get set }
typealias MainThreadOperationCompletionBlock = (MainThreadOperation) -> Void
/// Called when the operation completes. The completionBlock is called
/// even if the operation was canceled. The completionBlock
/// takes the operation as parameter, so you can inspect it as needed.
/// Implementations of MainThreadOperation are *not* responsible
/// for calling the completionBlock — MainThreadOperationQueue
/// handles that.
/// The completionBlock is always called on the main thread.
/// The queue will clear the completionBlock after calling it.
var completionBlock: MainThreadOperationCompletionBlock? { get set }
/// Do the thing this operation does.
/// This code runs on the main thread. If you want to run
/// code off of the main thread, you can use the standard mechanisms:
/// a DispatchQueue, most likely.
/// When this is called, you don’t need to check isCanceled:
/// it’s guaranteed to not be canceled. However, if you run code
/// in another thread, you should check isCanceled in that code.
func run()
/// Cancel this operation. Any operations dependent on this operation
/// will also be canceled automatically.
/// This function has a default implementation. It’s super-rare
/// to need to provide your own.
func cancel()
/// Make this operation dependent on an other operation.
/// This means the other operation must complete before
/// this operation gets run. If the other operation is canceled,
/// this operation will automatically be canceled.
/// Note: an operation can have multiple dependencies.
/// This function has a default implementation. It’s super-rare
/// to need to provide your own.
func addDependency(_ parentOperation: MainThreadOperation)
public extension MainThreadOperation {
func cancel() {
func addDependency(_ parentOperation: MainThreadOperation) {
operationDelegate?.make(self, dependOn: parentOperation)
func informOperationDelegateOfCompletion() {
guard !isCanceled else {
if Thread.isMainThread {
else {
DispatchQueue.main.async {
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