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A Nintendo Switch custom sysmodule for Discord Rich Presence.
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A Nintendo Switch custom sysmodule for Discord Rich Presence.


  • Copy switch-rich-presence.kip to your sd card and edit the hekate_ipl.ini to include the sysmodule.
    (You can for example add a configuration like this.)
[Discord Rich Presence]
  • Boot your switch into RCM mode and run hekate on it.
  • Launch your hekate configuration with rich presence and wait until your switch turns on completely. (Also make sure that your switch is connected to internet.)
  • Open the client (SwitchRichPresence.exe) and click the "Connect" button.
  • Done!

Setup a Rich presence app

Note : I already made a default application with some games on it but if you don't do this, most of your icons won't show on discord.

  • Go to this link.
  • Create a new App and give it the name that will be shown on your profile (usually "Nintendo Switch").
  • Enable Rich Presence for you app.
  • Launch the sysmodule and connect the client to the switch (see Usage).
  • Once connected, click on Utils->Export icons and choose the path where your icons will be exported with the right name/icon size.
  • Go to your rich presence app and add all the icons that you just exported with the name they were given and choose the the type "Large".

  • (optional) add a "Small" asset named "icon". This will used as the small image on your profile. (You can use this one.)
  • Open the config.txt file at the root of the client (If this file doesn't exit, running the client once closing it will create a new one.) and edit the client_id line with the client ID of the rich presence app you just created.

Known issues

  • The switch might hang on when getting into sleep mode or when turning it off. If that happens, hard shutdown your switch by pressing the POWER button for ~15 seconds.


Again, huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the amazing documentation on SwitchBrew.

If you have any question/problem, please contact me on discord : random#6457

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