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Just installed latest beta (2.34). Alas, the Intel QSV encoding seems to be broken, whereas on latest stable it runs flawlessly :-(


Broken how? Also running 2.34 and QSV works fine.


Broken, as in : it (seems like it) starts the encode, but progress stays at 0,0%, and ETA keeps on going up to days, weeks, probaby forever if I let it :-(
The same encode takes around 15 mins with stable version ...


Check Windows->Log, maybe something there that can explain it?
Check if latest Intel graphics drivers help?


Log has no relevant info, and latest Intel drivers were already installed.
Besides, the beta encodes just fine with a non-QSV encoder ...


I have i7-2600 and i7-6700K running Win 7 x64, QSV works fine both in beta and stable. Since VidCoder wrap Handbrake you could test if HB have same problem and maybe file a bug with them, else I have no idea.


Same problem here.


H.264 and H.265 QSV encoding work for me. Try HandBrake to see if it's an issue with their encoding engine.

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