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This repository is the PHP front-end from modified to work with Heroku.


You should sign up for a Heroku account and install the Heroku command line client.

Back-end Installation

First follow the instructions and create an app for

Front-end Installation

Once you have the back-end running, clone this app and initialize another new Heroku app on the cedar stack:

git clone
cd flickr-conduit-front
heroku create --stack cedar

Create a new Flickr API key and secret at then edit your new Flickr app and add a callback URL using the app URL reported by heroku create plus auth.php - e.g.

Grab the URL from your backend heroku app, and the URL you just created for this app, and them to the following config along with your new API key and secret:

heroku config:add BASE_SITE_URL=
heroku config:add URL_WHERE_CONDUIT_LISTENS=
heroku config:add BASE_SOCKET_URL=
heroku config:add FLICKR_KEY=your_key
heroku config:add FLICKR_SECRET=your_secret

Then push to Heroku and open your site:

git push heroku master
heroku open


At the time of writing, Flickr's Push API only works for Pro accounts. Check the response at if in doubt.

If you're a Flickr Pro user, have a look at for an example of this app running live. Remember that it's realtime, so busy tags and popular locations work best for testing. If in doubt, use sunset :)