BSD-licensed display and interaction library for tile-based maps in Processing
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Modest Maps is a library that originated at Stamen Design ( for 
displaying and interacting with tile based maps, like Google Maps, but with
the potential for a more diverse set of cartography and interaction styles.

Modest Maps for Processing was written quite a while ago and hasn't been
updated very much since but it still works quite well. I've made this new
github repository because we're winding down our use of Google Code and svn
for managing Modest Maps projects.

There are also mature javascript and python versions, a nearly-ready 
OpenFrameworks version and a quite complete Cinder version availabe on 
github as well:


As with all other versions of Modest Maps, this Processing version is made
available under the BSD license. Basically this means use it for whatever 
you want, don't blame us, don't claim endorsement and please credit the 
library by name somewhere in your website or documentation. See LICENSE for
the actual license though, I am not a lawyer :)

This repository no longer includes an out of date copy of core.jar from 
Processing. If you're building this library yourself, check the paths in
the Makefile or consult a Java programmer :)

Processing core is distributed under the LGPL license, see the Processing
dowload page for more details: