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A binary shapefile loader and canvas-based renderer, for javascript. Many caveats:
Seems best in Safari... times out in IE and in Firefox 3.5 with large files.
+Does the dumbest thing possible and reads entire shp and dbf files in one go..
Error checking is strange (needs testing with more known-good files).
Manually increments byte array offsets instead of being smart.
Implies that it's a good idea to load large binary files over the network.
-Doesn't do anything apart from proof of concept.
+Doesn't do anything much apart from proof of concept. is used for loading binary data via XMLHttpRequest was ported to js from actionscript is used for IE support
binaryajax.js is under MPL and was extended to support parsing doubles
-shapefile.js is such a close port of the vanrijkom-libs code that it must be LGPL v2 as well
+dbf.js and shapefile.js are close relatives of the vanrijkom-libs code and as such are LGPL v2 as well
excanvas.js is under Apache License 2.0
-sfzipcodes.shp is from (not sure about license)
-world_borders.shp is from licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0
+world borders shapefile is from licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0

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