Program for RuneAudio for LCD, remote and buttons
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Small script written in Python for RuneAudio project ( running on Raspberry Pi 1/2 computer, which displays all neccessary info on a LCD display and which uses hardware buttons and IR remote controller to control playback and system.


Display features

  • can be turned off (to only use buttons and/or remote)
  • support for 20x4 and 16x2 displays connected via I2C
  • 3 different screens for 20x4 LCD, 6 for 16x2 LCD respectively
  • current song and artist info, with scrolling
  • elapsed time and song duration, with listened percentage (only for local files)
  • play, pause or stop icon
  • shows wheter it's playing radio or file, with bitrate in kbps
  • shows volume, random, repeat and single status, on change
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi IP address, if connected
  • system uptime, and music play time
  • current date and time, CPU temperature and RAM usage (used/total)

Button features

  • can be turned off (to only use display and/or remote)
  • play/pause, volume up/down, previous, next and stop buttons
  • each button can be turned on/off (possibility of using only some of listed buttons)

IR remote features

  • can be turned off (to only use display and/or buttons)
  • power off and reboot options
  • play, pause, volume up/down, previous, next and stop options
  • repeat, single, shuffle options
  • switch through different screens (display modes)
  • turn on/off LCD backlight


  • Raspberry Pi 1/2 computer running RuneAudio distribution based on modified Archlinux (from
  • 16x2 or 20x4 I2C LCD display (not neccesarry)
  • up to 5 hardware push buttons (not neccessarry)
  • IR receiver (not neccessarry)
  • installed Python2 compiler
  • installed and working LIRC (required for IR remote to work)
  • script for IR remote which sends required strings via pipeline on button presses