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Datmobile (download)

A mobile app for viewing Dat Archives. Drive all around the P2P web with your phone. Pronounced like the famous hero's car.


I've run into performance issues with keeping the Dat logic within the React-Native thread.

Protocol interception seems to be working, but I'll be putting this on hold until I can refactor it to use nodejs-mobile.


  • Set up RN project (Start with Android for now)
  • Get hyperdrive running in RN
  • Get hyperdrive replicating with dat-gateway through websockets
  • Make a viewer similar to dat-js-example
    • Load Dat from URL bar
    • View with some default URLs to visit
    • Directory listing
    • View text files in a Text element
    • Image viewing
    • Markdown support through some component
    • HTML viewier with a webview (Won't support relative URLs or dat://protocol)
    • Make it actually work on the device without remote debugging 😭 Thanks @mafintosh!
  • Release to playstore
  • Get discovery-swarm to work with RN in the JS thread
    • dat-dns
    • Identify the node modules that need to run in RN
    • Use discovery-swarm instead of gateway
      • Test dns tracker functionality
      • Test DHT (Bootstraps into the DHT, doesn't find peers)
      • Test MDNS
  • Support dat protocol as a browser
    • Find how to support custom protocols in Webview (Android)
      • shouldInterceptRequest
      • Add a registerStreamProtocol API based on electron's protocol API
      • Follow guide for customizing react-native-webview
      • Create Java ReactNativeProtocolViewManager
        • Custom WebViewClient to intercept requests
        • Extend RNCWebView commandMap with commands for sending responses
        • Generate events for intercepting requests
        • Add props for protocol scheme list
      • Create ProtocolWebView JS API
        • static registerProtocol and unregisterProtocol
        • pass list of protocols to native props
        • add an event listener for intercepted requests to use the protocol handlers
      • Test it out with a dummy protocol
    • Update fork of react-native-webview that supports intercepting URLs
    • Create DatWebview which adds support for dat:// protocol
    • Make browser UI with the new webview, replacing the viewer functionality
    • Support version portion of dat:// URL
  • Keep track of history and view / clear it
  • DatArchive API
  • Extract WebView into own library
  • Extract Dat mechanics into react-native-dat
  • Extras!
    • experimental.datPeers API
    • Add Blocklist for trackers and ads
  • Perormance improvements
    • Close repos when they're not in use
    • Don't upload to discovery-swarm while on battery
    • Download bookmarked site updates when charging and not on metered wifi
    • Keep an LRU of archies to seed in the background
    • Prioritize local network over internet
    • DNS caching


  • Changes are very much welcome!
  • Please open an issue if you have an idea for a big change before doing a PR.
  • Please use the "standard" code style.


  • npm install
  • npm run nodeify
  • react-native link react-native-randombytes
  • react-native link react-native-tcp
  • react-native link react-native-udp
  • react-native link react-native-os
  • react-native link react-native-webview
  • react-native run-android


Datmobile does not collect or save any of your personal data, or share it with third parties.