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Using Ranking-CNN for Age Estimation
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Using Ranking-CNN for Age Estimation


The ranking-CNN model for age estimation on MORPH dataset. Caffe and its prerequisites are required for the program as introduced in MORPH dataset is publicly available but request is needed to access as described in

The code contains the definition of 50 basic networks fine-tuned from the base network trained on Adience dataset. In the folder 'basic_16to66', 50 basic networks with definition files are arranged in 50 folders respectively. The mean file, batch file, deploy file, and demo in ipython for testing labels are also included.


Please cite our paper if it helps your research:

author = {Chen, Shixing and Zhang, Caojin and Dong, Ming and Le, Jialiang and Rao, Mike},
title = {Using Ranking-CNN for Age Estimation},
booktitle = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
month = {July},
year = {2017}


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