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How to contribute to the Emoji One library

code format

  • Try to maintain the general code convention currently found in the library.


  • Check the current issues to be sure the bug hasn't already been reported.
  • If you've written a patch for the bug submit a pull request including your patch.
  • Include a brief description of the issue and how your patch will solve it.
  • If there are tests available in the library run your patch through them before submitting your pull request. If no tests are available in the library test the patch as thoroughly as possible before submitting.

emoji art (PNG & SVG)

  • We unfortunately cannot accept submissions for emoji art revisions. Due to the copyright of the art and the potential for it's licensing in different situations this isn't possible.
  • Design suggestions are welcome. They will be considered by the designers. There's no guarantee they will be adopted.
  • Notes on visual errors are also accepted.
  • Both can be submitted through the contact form at

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this library.

Emoji One Team