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A widget kit for Google Flutter.
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English | 简体中文


A widget kit for Google Flutter Demo apk

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  • A set of high-quality Flutter widgets out of the box
  • Comprehensive usage examples and documentation
  • Fine-grained non-stylized widgets for different types of applications
  • Supports Dark Mode and RTL


FLUI has good compatibility on multiple clients, and the framework will be developed based on Flutter Stable Channel.

Currently supports v1.12.13+hotfix.5 and above.

Getting Started


  flui: 0.8.0

Then run flutter pub get to download the dependencies.


After the dependency installation is completed, you can directly import the widget.

import 'package:flui/flui.dart';

// in somewhere
    title: 'AppBar',
    subtitle: '(subtitle)',
    layout: FLAppBarTitleLayout.vertical,
    showLoading: true




  • Branches that submit new widgets should be named 'feature-' + widget name. Fixing issues need to be prefixed with 'bugfix-'
  • The submitted widgets need to be general. If the widget is rare or not sure whether it needs to be added to FLUI, you can raise a issue which starts with [feature] for discussion
  • The API design of the new widget is as standard and readable as possible, following the naming and usage rules of Flutter's official widgets.
  • Please comment above properties and methods how to use it so that I can add to the documentation and examples.
  • Commit messages: prefix with feat | fix | docs | style | refactor | perf | test | workflow | ci | chore | types:.


MIT License

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