Websocket MUD client for the Ranvier MUD game engine
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Neuro is a simple and easily-extensible websocket client to use with the Ranvier MUD game engine.

Neuro is built with Electron and Polymer. The main place to start will be in src/neuro-app/neuro-app.html. To use with Ranvier your Ranvier server must be using the ranvier-websocket bundle to enable websocket connections. If you wish to modify the data Ranvier is sending to Neuro follow the documentation for Extending Bundles (in short: copy ranvier-websockets to a new folder, disable the ranvier-websockets bundle in ranvier.json and enable your new bundle.


Neuro requires Bower to automatically install front-end dependencies.

git clone https://github.com/shawncplus/neuro
cd neuro
npm install
npm run start

Creating Releases

To create distributables for Neuro simply run npm run package-<platform> where platform is one of linux, win, or mac. Note for Mac there may be some extra signing process but I'm not sure since I've never used it, caveat emptor.


Neuro is a minimal client created in the same spirit as Ranvier: unopinionated but with sane examples for you to build from without tearing your hair out. Out of the box it has the following features:

  • Player HUD for health/mana/etc.
  • Active effect list
  • Quest list
  • Persistent options for font size/select last command
  • Target health frames with support for multiple targets
  • Command history
  • System menu bar for hiding/showing quests and effects
  • Draggable windows (Just add Neuro.DraggableBehavior to any element)
  • Auto-linking urls