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Rapid Automatic Procto - IDentity
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As now there're increasing conditions requiring authentication and personal identity, Rap-ID provides an algorithm which uses less user inputs but provides even more security and features.

It's based on communication between PC and mobile phones, taking the phone as a hardware token and ICCID as a media of real-name identity.

Rap-ID stands for Rapid Automatic Procto - IDentity. You may pronounce it as rap-ID.


The documents can be accessed through the doc folder of this repository.


  • @hackerchai(Yisheng Chai,柴轶晟) Project Manager, Android Engineer
  • @coderfox(Yuze Fu,傅禹泽) Platform Designer, Windows Engineer, Web Engineer
  • @LeeChenyu(Chenyu Li,李晨宇) Security Tester

Implements of Components

The definition of these components can be found in the Four Layer Specification(Not Finished) doc.

Middle Layer

Token Layer

Server Layer

Application Layer

SDK and Documents

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