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Sophie Telegram Bot

Sophie is modern and fast Telegram chat manager bot


  • Install git, python 3.8+ and docker(for docker method) from your package manager
  • You need to know how to clone this repo

Docker Way

Cloning this repo

 git clone  

Setting config

  • Go to SophieBot/data
  • Rename bot_conf.yaml.example to bot_conf.yaml
  • Open in text editor
  • Set mongo_conn to "mongo-server"
  • Set redis_conn to "redis-server"
  • Set other configs as needed

Creating bridge

 docker network create sophiebot-net  

Running Redis and MongoDB

 docker run -d --rm --name redis-server --network sophiebot-net redis:alpine docker run -d --rm --name mongo-server --network sophiebot-net mongo:latest  

Start a SophieBot

 docker run -d -v /home/yacha/SophieBot/data/:/opt/sophie_bot/data --network sophiebot-net sophie   

Manual way

Cloning this repo

 git clone  

Setting config

  • Go to SophieBot/data
  • Rename bot_conf.json.example to bot_conf.json
  • Open in text editor
  • Set configs as needed

Installing requirements

 cd SophieBot
 sudo pip3.8 install -r requirements.txt
 sudo apt install redis mongodb (from your package manager)


 cd SophieBot
 python3.8 -m sophie_bot
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