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General purpose indirect trajectory optimization
Python Shell
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  • High quality resolution of singular arcs.
  • Phaseless construction.
  • Discontinuous function modeling.
  • Hamiltonian "indirect" methods and definition of co-states.
  • Automated Noether's theorem and symplectic reduction.
  • Hermite-Simpson Collocation and Multiple Shooting methods.
  • Automated scaling.
  • Lots of examples and open-source.


Installation using pip

If you already have Python 3+ installed along with pip, then do:

$ pip install beluga

This installs the latest version-controlled distribution of beluga from PyPI. Examples in this GitHub repo are updated frequently to reflect changes in beluga and as such may not be compatible with the versions on PyPI. Source code is included with each release, so check under releases on GitHub for examples compatible with older versions of beluga. Old examples are also included in the tarballs on PyPI and GitHub under releases, but are not included in the wheels.

Installation using binaries

Binary files are located on PyPI and GitHub under releases.

GitHub Version

See contributing for more information on installing the latest version from GitHub, reporting issues, and other information on development.

Running a test problem

Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder where you installed beluga. Type the following commands to run the Brachistochrone problem:

$ cd examples/Classic/Brachistochrone
$ python

The solver will proceed to solve the Brachistochrone problem.

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