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Solid Instruments

Advanced, multi-purpose .NET tool belt

Solid Instruments is a single-sourced, loosely-coupled collection of .NET libraries that help you rapidly fill feature gaps, overcome common and uncommon design challenges, and deliver stable, secure, high-performance software.


The Solid Instruments constituent libraries expose a wide variety of powerful feature APIs. Check out the Quick Start Guide or explore the links below to get started.

Collections Command Core Cryptography Data Access Event Authoring Inversion of Control Mathematics Messaging Object Composition Serialization Service Signal Processing Text Encoding



Solid Instruments is MIT-licensed. Review the license terms for more information.


Documentation Chat

There are multiple ways to find help.


Build Quality Coverage CII best practices

The Solid Instruments team strives to maintain high standards as defined by our key quality metrics.

Before beginning work please read the Instructions for Contributing.



The Solid Instruments constituent libraries are made available via NuGet. Supported releases are listed below.


Coming soon.


Version Notes Source Release date End of support
1.0.24-preview1 Read Explore 21 Jul 2019 31 Jul 2022
1.0.23-preview1 Read Explore 20 Jul 2019 31 Jul 2022


Check out the Product Roadmap to see what's planned for future releases.


Copyright (c) RapidField LLC. All rights reserved. "RapidField" and "Solid Instruments" are trademarks of RapidField LLC.
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