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add screenshoots to have a better idea of the bundle features.

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@@ -4,11 +4,20 @@ Introduction
Sf2genGeneratorBundle contains web interface for SensioGeneratorBundle.
The interface is same as WebConfiguratorBundle.
+Have a look!
+The main menu:
+<img src="" width="995" alt="Screenshot" />
+Generate your bundle:
+<img src="" width="995" alt="Screenshot" />
+Generate an entity; the bundle name is autocompleted based on activated bundles in the your application:
+<img src="" width="995" alt="Screenshot" />
-- Command autocompletion
-- Command history
+Generate a form; the bundle name and the entity name are autocompleted based on activated bundles in the your application and available entities:
+<img src="" width="995" alt="Screenshot" />

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