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[commands] Give all checks a custom exception #2101

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commented Apr 19, 2019


This PR adds custom exception classes to all existing commands.
This enables easier use of the existing default checks for more complex error handling.

Role-specific checks now raise NoPrivateMessage instead of just returning False when used outside of a guild as well.

This PR also implements is_SFW, to complement is_NSFW. I don't know what you would use this for, but there it is.

This is technically a breaking change, as users could check very specifically what is raised, however, the impact should be minimal.

Exceptions added to each check:

  • has_role
    • MissingRole
    • NoPrivateMessage
  • has_any_role
    • MissingAnyRole
    • NoPrivateMessage
  • bot_has_role
    • BotMissingRole
    • NoPrivateMessage
  • bot_has_any_role
    • BotMissingAnyRole
    • NoPrivateMessage
  • is_NSFW
    • IsSFW
  • is_SFW
    • IsNSFW


  • If code changes were made then they have been tested.
    • I have updated the documentation to reflect the changes.
  • This PR fixes an issue.
  • This PR adds something new (e.g. new method or parameters).
  • This PR is a breaking change (e.g. methods or parameters removed/renamed)
  • This PR is not a code change (e.g. documentation, README, ...)

Vexs added some commits Apr 10, 2019

Add custom exception classes for checks
Minor typo/wording adjustments to existing error classes
Merge branch 'master' into all_checks_custom_exceptions
# Conflicts:
#	discord/ext/commands/
Make checks raise custom error classes
Correct classes to not take in role objects, but instead ints/strs
Add is_sfw check
Wording adjustment
.format is not in-place
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left a comment

Many issues with this implementation:

  1. You are deriving from CommandError instead of CheckFailure. Since this is the case then this does make it a breaking change, since previous code no longer works. You even document that these derive from CheckFailure but do not actually do so.
  2. You need a line in the documentation of each of these classes that it derives from CheckFailure. Something like: "This inherits from :exc:`.CheckFailure`."
  3. You need to update the exception hierarchy in the documentation under api.rst
  4. You need to update the exception listing in the documentation under api.rst
  5. You are passing __init__(self, arg, *args) when it should just be __init__(self, arg), same for the super() call.
  6. I do not agree with the addition of is_sfw, it is useless and if someone wants it then they can do it themselves. is_nsfw was added because it is common enough to warrant inclusion, the same case cannot be said for is_sfw.

I also do not exactly agree with the exceptions IsSFW and IsNSFW. With the removal of is_sfw it becomes slightly easier to do an exception:

class NSFWChannelRequired(CheckFailure):
    """Exception raised when a channel does not have the required NSFW setting.

    This derives from :exc:`.CheckFailure`.

    channel: :class:``
        The channel that does not have NSFW enabled.
    def __init__(self, channel): = channel
        super().__init__('{} needs to be NSFW for this command to work.'.format(channel))

Alternative names:

  • ChannelRequiresNSFW
  • ChannelIsNotNSFW
  • ChannelMissingNSFW
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Apply suggestions from code review.
Remove is_sfw and corresponding error
Add versionchanged and versionadded to docstrings
Move has_permissions above bot_has_permissions
Add PrivateMessageOnly to exception hierarchy and listing

@Rapptz Rapptz added this to the v1.1 milestone Apr 20, 2019

@Rapptz Rapptz added the rebased label Apr 20, 2019


Rapptz approved these changes Apr 20, 2019

@Rapptz Rapptz closed this Apr 20, 2019

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