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@Raptor3um Raptor3um released this May 7, 2019

This release includes multiple fixes and tweaks to improve loading time when the wallet is first opened. Does not apply to a brand new wallet that requires a full download of the blockchain.

To save yourself some time delete the following "assets, blocks, chainstate, fee_estimates.dat, mempool.dat". Then download and extract "" from this release to your Raptoreum data directory (default is ~/.raptoreum). Now start the new wallet.

As an example of upgrade (you can probably just copy and paste this to upgrade)

tar -zxvf raptoreum-1.2.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
~/raptoreum-1.2.1/bin/./raptoreum-cli stop
sleep 60
cd ~/.raptoreum && rm -rf assets blocks chainstate fee_estimates.dat mempool.dat
~/raptoreum-1.2.2/bin/./raptoreumd --daemon (headless) or ~/raptoreum-1.2.2/bin/./raptoreum-qt```
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@Raptor3um Raptor3um released this Apr 26, 2019

**** Building from source will put you on an old pre GhostRider build. Current and releases leading up to mainnet are in a private repo only. You must use supplied binaries at this time in order to be on current testnet ****

Fix to stabilize difficulty and random high/low jumps. New testnet new chain so this is a mandatory update to stay on current testnet.

Wallet port is changed to: 9878

Binaries for Wndows, MAC, and ARM in progress and will be added soonTM

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@Raptor3um Raptor3um released this Apr 25, 2019

This is testnet phase two which introduces our GhostRider algorithm, fix on DGW, and custom emission/reward schedule. Coins are testnet coins and have no value.

Source changes from now leading up to mainnet are not available on our public GitHub, they are being kept private until mainnet in August.

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@Raptor3um Raptor3um released this Mar 14, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Testnet stage 1, coins have no worth.

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