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Welcome to The Mars Endeavour: Lava Tubes wiki, a 2015 NASA SpaceApps Challenge - Survivor: Mars Lava Tubes project.

Please visit to play or download the game and to view instructions and additional information.

This project is an educational game that allows the user to experience what it might be like to live on Mars, utilizing lava tubes to build a sustainable habitat on Mars.

The Mars Endeavour: Lava Tubes is designed as a educational game to help both kids and adults learn about Mars' lava tubes. The goal of the game is to utilize the ten astronauts and ten robots to build a self-sustaining colony while surviving perils like sandstorms and solar flares. To do so, the gamer must strategically explore and mine the lava tubes for resources, while building their settlement and reusing their resources to become self-sustaining with minimal to no resupply from Earth via Massless Exploration.

The game offers an useful user interface, navigation and access to resources like ores and ice and settlement shelters. The Mars Endeavour is a great platform to expand on with even more elements and details to capture scientific accuracy into the game. The source code is maintained here on Github. You can follow the issue tracker for bug reports and future enhancements. This project is written in Unity3d Free, so anyone could work with this platform.

#The Name - Why The Mars Endeavour: Lava Tubes? The game had to be named something more than just lava tubes - and building a colony on Mars is no easy task, nor is working in a team of seven people to build this game - they are both endeavors.

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