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To get started, review the following files:

High-level architecture

UI - Next.js on Amplify

The UI uses Next.js and is deployed on Amplify Console.

Auth - Cognito

User authentication is provided by AWS Cognito.

API - API Gateway + Lambda + Express

Express running on API Gateway + Lambda with the help of Serverless Express.

Database - DynamoDB


Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous Deployment

GitHub Actions is used to create a Continuous Deployment Pipeline from developer preview, to staging, to production. Each environment is deployed to an isolated AWS Account (optionally, these can be deployed to the same account for simplicity).

Changes are automatically versioned with Semantic Versioning based on git commit messages and immutable release packages created as GitHub relesaes.

Pull Request Previews

Each PR gets its own stack deployed so that reviewers can see the results for themselves, and end-to-end tests can be run.

Infrastructure as Code

Serverless Framework is used to provision our infrastruture

And more...

  • CloudWatch Alarms
  • Per-function IAM Roles
  • REST API Logs in JSON
  • Custom Domain Names
  • .env support
  • Pruning of old Lambda Function Versions
  • Lambda Functions optimized with Webpack

GitHub Actions Continuous Deployments (CI/CD)

serverless-fullstack github actions continous deployment flow diagram

Manual/developer deployments

Make a copy of the env.example file:

cp env.example .env.development

Modify the values in your .env.development file. If you're using a shared developer account, you should set SERVERLESS_SERVICE_SUFFIX=-brett, ensuring the value you specify is unique and not used by other developers on your team.

Run npm run deploy:dev to deploy to your dev account.

To deploy to staging and production manually, you can run npm run deploy:staging or npm run deploy:prod respectively.