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Info about the “Composer in WordPress site”

This site had been created by Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko, who became Composer evangelist in WordPress circles after he got bitten by wild Composer in early 2013 (unconfirmed rumor).

He has been asked “but where can I read about all of that!?” few too many times and now this is it.


This site’s goal is to provide and point to any information you could possibly need about using Composer with WordPress projects.

So don’t hesitate to contact with questions or suggestions!



  • 2018-02
    • updates site stack recipe
  • 2018-01
    • moved to GitHub Pages
  • 2017-12
    • updated resources page (added Private Packagist, Release Belt)
  • 2015-03
    • updated scripts and styles
    • added WordPress SEO case study
  • 2014-07
    • updated scripts and styles
    • updated resources
    • refreshed case studies
  • 2013-11
    • updated scripts and styles
    • removed mentions of imploded trac ticket
    • added johnpbloch/wordpress info
  • 2013-08
    • updated repos and guide to using core installer
  • 2013-07
    • it’s alive!