GUI for editing rasa-nlu training data
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This is a tool to edit your training examples for rasa NLU

Use the online version or install with npm


$ npm i -g rasa-nlu-trainer (you'll need nodejs and npm for this)


$ rasa-nlu-trainer in your working directory

this will open the editor in your browser


  • --source -s path to the training file (by default it will be searched recursively in the current directory)
  • --port -p the web app will run here (randomly selected by default)


  • git clone this repo
  • $ npm install
  • $ npm start

using the development build locally

  • $ npm run build
  • $ npm link

from here, the $ rasa-nlu-trainer command will start the development version

run $ npm run build again to update the build

run $ npm unlink && npm i -g rasa-nlu-trainer to use the npm version again

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