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import logging
import uuid
from sanic import Blueprint, response
from sanic.request import Request
from socketio import AsyncServer
from typing import Optional, Text, Any, List, Dict, Iterable
from import InputChannel
from import UserMessage, OutputChannel
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class SocketBlueprint(Blueprint):
def __init__(self, sio: AsyncServer, socketio_path, *args, **kwargs):
self.sio = sio
self.socketio_path = socketio_path
super(SocketBlueprint, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def register(self, app, options):
self.sio.attach(app, self.socketio_path)
super(SocketBlueprint, self).register(app, options)
class SocketIOOutput(OutputChannel):
def name(cls):
return "socketio"
def __init__(self, sio, sid, bot_message_evt):
self.sio = sio
self.sid = sid
self.bot_message_evt = bot_message_evt
async def _send_message(self, socket_id: Text, response: Any) -> None:
"""Sends a message to the recipient using the bot event."""
await self.sio.emit(self.bot_message_evt, response, room=socket_id)
async def send_text_message(
self, recipient_id: Text, text: Text, **kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Send a message through this channel."""
await self._send_message(self.sid, {"text": text})
async def send_image_url(
self, recipient_id: Text, image: Text, **kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Sends an image to the output"""
message = {"attachment": {"type": "image", "payload": {"src": image}}}
await self._send_message(self.sid, message)
async def send_text_with_buttons(
recipient_id: Text,
text: Text,
buttons: List[Dict[Text, Any]],
**kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Sends buttons to the output."""
message = {"text": text, "quick_replies": []}
for button in buttons:
"content_type": "text",
"title": button["title"],
"payload": button["payload"],
await self._send_message(self.sid, message)
async def send_elements(
self, recipient_id: Text, elements: Iterable[Dict[Text, Any]], **kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Sends elements to the output."""
for element in elements:
message = {
"attachment": {
"type": "template",
"payload": {"template_type": "generic", "elements": element},
await self._send_message(self.sid, message)
async def send_custom_json(
self, recipient_id: Text, json_message: Dict[Text, Any], **kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Sends custom json to the output"""
json_message.setdefault("room", self.sid)
await self.sio.emit(self.bot_message_evt, **json_message)
async def send_attachment(
self, recipient_id: Text, attachment: Dict[Text, Any], **kwargs: Any
) -> None:
"""Sends an attachment to the user."""
await self._send_message(self.sid, {"attachment": attachment})
class SocketIOInput(InputChannel):
"""A input channel."""
def name(cls):
return "socketio"
def from_credentials(cls, credentials):
credentials = credentials or {}
return cls(
credentials.get("user_message_evt", "user_uttered"),
credentials.get("bot_message_evt", "bot_uttered"),
credentials.get("session_persistence", False),
credentials.get("socketio_path", "/"),
def __init__(
user_message_evt: Text = "user_uttered",
bot_message_evt: Text = "bot_uttered",
namespace: Optional[Text] = None,
session_persistence: bool = False,
socketio_path: Optional[Text] = "/",
self.bot_message_evt = bot_message_evt
self.session_persistence = session_persistence
self.user_message_evt = user_message_evt
self.namespace = namespace
self.socketio_path = socketio_path
def blueprint(self, on_new_message):
# Workaround so that socketio works with requests from other origins.
sio = AsyncServer(async_mode="sanic", cors_allowed_origins=[])
socketio_webhook = SocketBlueprint(
sio, self.socketio_path, "socketio_webhook", __name__
@socketio_webhook.route("/", methods=["GET"])
async def health(request: Request):
return response.json({"status": "ok"})
@sio.on("connect", namespace=self.namespace)
async def connect(sid, environ):
logger.debug("User {} connected to socketIO endpoint.".format(sid))
@sio.on("disconnect", namespace=self.namespace)
async def disconnect(sid):
logger.debug("User {} disconnected from socketIO endpoint.".format(sid))
@sio.on("session_request", namespace=self.namespace)
async def session_request(sid, data):
if data is None:
data = {}
if "session_id" not in data or data["session_id"] is None:
data["session_id"] = uuid.uuid4().hex
await sio.emit("session_confirm", data["session_id"], room=sid)
logger.debug("User {} connected to socketIO endpoint.".format(sid))
@sio.on(self.user_message_evt, namespace=self.namespace)
async def handle_message(sid, data):
output_channel = SocketIOOutput(sio, sid, self.bot_message_evt)
if self.session_persistence:
if not data.get("session_id"):
"A message without a valid sender_id "
"was received. This message will be "
"ignored. Make sure to set a proper "
"session id using the "
"`session_request` socketIO event."
sender_id = data["session_id"]
sender_id = sid
message = UserMessage(
data["message"], output_channel, sender_id,
await on_new_message(message)
return socketio_webhook
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