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Knowledge Base Bot

This example bot uses a knowledge base to answer user's requests.

What’s inside this example?

This example contains some training data and the main files needed to build an assistant on your local machine. The knowledgebasebot consists of the following files:

  • data/ contains training examples for the NLU model
  • data/ contains training stories for the Core model
  • contains the custom action for querying the knowledge base
  • config.yml contains the model configuration
  • domain.yml contains the domain of the assistant
  • endpoints.yml contains the webhook configuration for the custom action
  • knowledge_base_data.json contains the data for the knowledge base

How to use this example?

To train your knowledge base bot, execute

rasa train

This will store a zipped model file in models/.

Start the action server by

rasa run actions

To chat with the bot on the command line, run

rasa shell

For more information about the individual commands, please check out our documentation.

Encountered any issues?

Let us know about it by posting on Rasa Community Forum!

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