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A programming language
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This is an experimental programming language inspired by Haskell and C++ template metaprogramming.

Build & Run


  • c++14 compiler
  • readline
  • boost

How to build

Run following steps in terminal to compile the language:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

How to run

To run interpreter, execute repl binary which is placed in build/repl directory after build.

To run tests, execute ctest from build directory.

Core Ideas

Warning: most of code below is now in theorethical stage and can be run in interpreter only with syntactic sugar removed. Stay tuned: the language is in heavy development right now


  • Protect from as many types of errors as possible with advanced type system
  • Maximize readability by separating algorithm and data from implementation details
  • Provide the highest level of abstraction, expressiveness and concision


Clear Haskell-like syntax with heavier usage of indentation and absolute lack of keywords.

Gradual Refinement Types

Which let you to construct predicates with dynamic variables and put them instead of types.

main = a <- read Int
       myFunc arg:(>a) = arg + 100 // f takes anything more than a
       myFunc _        = 0
       b <- read Int
       if b > a
          print myFunc(b)
          print "Couldn't put `myFunc(b)` in this block"

Intersection and Union

Which enable you to easily combine types and predicates.

0 < x < 10
myVariable0 : {x} | (>100) | String
myVariable1 = x + 10|11|12

Function and First Class Types

You can even put an anonymous function instead of type.

Even x = (x % 2 = 0)
myFunction x:Even = 9

myVariable : (a, b, c) => a + b + c > 10
          // ^ this is type

Inverse Functions

A system for unapplying functions

myDecrement (x + 1) = x
print myDecrement(2)

myParser a++":"++b = a ++ b
myParser "123:123"

myInt0 (Int x) = x
myInt1 x = Int x
myInt2 = Int

What's Next?

Currently, the language is in a design & research stage. This repository is a prototype implementation of interpreter & type checker which is still under development. Examples above are working partially and some syntactic sugar is not implemented, but you can already try some possibilities of the type system.

Currently, I'm working on the implementation and papers about type system.

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