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This is a framework for creating 3d applications made for educational purposes (working environment for computer graphics course in Southern Federal University).

It has c++14 binding for common opengl conceptions and considered to be easy to use.

It is a fork of glowy2d engine previously made by me in 2014.


  • boost
  • cpptoml
  • OpenGL, GLEW, glfw3
  • zlib, libpng
  • tinyobjloader

How to build

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j4


There are 2 examples.

  • Triangle example. Unfortunately, with no triange (because it's work in progress), only black screen
  • Simple platformer. This one works.

To get an example working, you should copy contents of corresponding directory in res/test directory to the same place where output binary is located. For example, after you make the project, copy everything from res/test/SamplePlatformer to build/test/SamplePlatformer and run sampleplatformer.