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PROMTS (PRinciple Of Minimum Translation Search)

A Principle of Minimum Translation Search Approach for Object Pose Refinement

This repository is the implementation of the methodology we propose to autonomously resolve the inter-penetrations between adjacent objects models due to errors in the estimated poses of the objects.

Paper Abstract:

The state-of-the-art object pose estimation approaches represent the set of detected poses together with corresponding uncertainty. The inaccurate noisy poses may result in a configuration of overlapping objects especially in cluttered environments. Under a rigid body assumption the inter-penetrations between pairs of objects are geometrically inconsistent. In this paper, we propose the principle of minimum translation search, PROMTS, to find an inter-penetration-free configuration of the initially detected objects. The target application is to automate the task of unloading shipping containers, where a geometrically consistent configuration of objects is required for high level reasoning and manipulation. We find that the proposed approach to resolve geometrical inconsistencies improves the overall pose estimation accuracy. We examine the utility of two selected search methods: A-star and Depth-Limited search. The performance of the search algorithms are tested on data sets generated in simulation and from real-world scenarios. The results show overall improvement of the estimated poses and suggest that depth-limited search presents the best overall performance.


PROMTS Demo Video


The software is implemented in C/C++ and under ROS (Robot Operation System) and tested with ROS Hydro. The software uses the fast implementation of 3D convex hull estimation algorithm in Bullet Physics engine LinearMath.h header file. Thus, you have to install it on your linux distribution. For example, if your linux distribution is Ubuntu, you can install it using the following command line,

sudo apt-get install libbullet libbullet-dev

The software also requires Eigen library,

sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev

ROS packages

There are following ROS packages included in this software:

  • rasoul_promts_pkg
    This is the main package of the software. It includes sample codes for demonstration of how to use the software.
  • rasoul_geometry_pkg
    This package implements necessary computational geometry functions for being used with the main package.
  • rasoul_collision_detection_pkg
    This package implements Separating Axis Theorem (SAT) in 3-dimentional space in order to compute Depth of Penetration (DOP) and Minimum Translation Vector (MTV) between two convex polyhedra.
  • rasoul_visualizer_pkg
    This package implements a visualizer using OpenGL in order to visualize a configuration of objects and animate the found resolving solution.
  • rasoul_common_pkg
    This package implements a set of fucntions and classes being used by other packages.

Runing demos

There are two demo codes,

  • DemoPROMTSAstar.cpp;
  • DemoPROMTSDLS.cpp

that you can find in the following path


and both demo source codes are fed with a sample noisy configuration of objects data which can be found in the following path


There are two launch files example1_Astar.launch and example1_DLS.launch in the following path


Runing the launch files, they will bring up the visualizer and execute the demo PROMTS algorithms using A* or Depth-Limited Search correspondingly.


The implementation assumes that there exists an object detection and pose estimation module that estimates the poses of objects. And the models of the objects are assumed to be convex polyhedrons.

Following steps show how to use PROMTS,

  1. Use the CGeometryPolyhedra{} class (rasoul_geometry_pkg) to compute convex polyhedra models for the objects.
  2. Fill in a Eigen::Transform<Real,3,Eigen::Affine> vector with the noisy poses.
  3. Fill in a std::vector<int> vector of objects' IDS.
  4. Choose between a search algorithm for PROMTS
    • Use the refinePoses_AStarSearch() function (rasoul_promts_pkg) to get an inter-penetration free set of poses using A* search algorithm.
    • Use the refinePoses_DLSearch() function (rasoul_promts_pkg) to get an inter-penetration free set of poses using DLSearch algorithm.

Paper and Citation

Please visit the following page to download the paper and the bibtex for citation,

A Principle of Minimum Translation Search Approach for Object Pose Refinement


A Principle of Minimum Translation Search Approach for Object Pose Refinement






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