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Eventbrite Banners
Jam Maker Badge
Letter Templates
Logo Templates
Poster Templates
Raspbian Desktop Backgrounds
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Raspberry Jam branding pack

This is the Raspberry Jam branding pack, provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for people running Raspberry Jams to use to promote their events.

Branding assets are provided in multiple formats, allowing use with Photoshop, GIMP, MS Word and more.

Raspberry Jam


Download the zip


The pack contains:

  • Eventbrite banners
    • Large images designed to fit the Eventbrite banner space (plain and templates)
  • Fonts
    • The font files required for adding text to templates
  • Graphics
    • Characters, objects and poster graphics from the Jam graphics set
  • Jam maker badge
    • A graphic for the 'Jam maker' volunteer badge
  • Jam sticker
    • The Raspberry Jam logo sticker graphic
  • Letter templates
    • Raspberry Jam branded letter templates
  • Logo
    • The Raspberry Jam logo graphic
  • Logo templates
    • The Raspberry Jam logo graphic, with an editable location
  • Poster templates
    • Templates for event posters/flyers
  • Raspbian desktop backgrounds
    • Background images for the Raspbian desktop
  • Worksheets
    • PDF worksheets of activities ideal at Jams


If you have any problems using the assets provided, please open an issue describing your problem, and we'll try to resolve the issue. Alternatively, please send an email to jam@raspberrypi.org.

Licence and usage

These assets are provided under a Creative Commons Zero licence.

Please follow the branding guidelines when using these assets.

Last updated

Last updated 2018-03-08