"Hello World" for Renesas Embedded system programming using serial port
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"Hello World" for Renesas Embedded system programming using serial port.


Many developers while learning to write embedded applications on IoT devices it would be cumbersome to debug any issues on the code or verify the test result without any visual display. The reason behind this is often there won't be any LCD panel for display on IOT devices or even if there is one available, a display driver has to be written in order to redirect the console output. Without the visual hue its very frustrating and time consuming process to develop even a simple application. My objective here is to show how to configure and redirect the console output such as debug statements and/or any test results to the PC. In this tutorial I've just wrote the "Hellow World" program on Renesas IOT and redirect the serial output to the PC so that it can be viewed on the monitor. Learning to code on IOT is now just as easy as learning any other high level programming language.

This is Hello World to Serial communication for Renesas Embedded system

What you need:

SK-S7G2 Starter Kit.
E2Studio, Synergy Software 
Two USB cable. One cable to power/program the board. Another cable send data to PC on USB port.
Windows PC with Serial communication software like Putty OR TeraTerm.

Detailed information is here