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Case study documents
GRL Models
Translation Tool


Goal modeling languages, such as i* and the Goal-oriented Requirements Language (GRL), capture and analyze high-level goals and their relationships with lower level goals and tasks. However, in such models, the rationalization behind these goals and tasks and the selection of alternatives are usually left implicit.Rationalization consists of arguments for and against certain goals and solutions, which allow checking whether a particular goal model is a correct rendering of the relevant stakeholders' opinions and discussions. To better integrate goal models and their rationalization, we develop the RationalGRL framework, in which argument diagrams can be mapped to goal models. Moreover, we integrate the result of the evaluation of arguments and their counterarguments with GRL initial satisfaction values. We develop an interface between the argument web tools OVA and TOAST and the Eclipse-based tool for GRL called jUCMNav.

Overview of the Framework

Overview of the Framework

Project Content

  • [Case study documents](Case study documents): A description of the Schiphol case study that we used.
  • [GRL Models](GRL Models): Some example GRL models that were created using our tool.
  • [Translation Tool](Translation Tool): Explanation and source of our online translation tool: